Victoria Nugent

A writer, a reader, a daydream believer

About December 28, 2008

Victoria Nugent is a journalist at the Armidale Express. After receiving a a Bachelor of Journalism/Arts from the University of Queensland in 2010, she got her first full time journalism job  at a small newspaper in Blackall, The Barcoo Independent, where she was the journalist/editor and sole employee.

She has had work published in  places including The Longreach Leader, lip magazine,  Spoonful zine, the University of Queensland magazine Semper, mixtape zine and Frank magazine.

She is passionate about music and  has written a number of live music and CD reviews for  Rave Magazine, The AU Review, extempore and Life Music Media.

Victoria is passionate about travel, literature, good food and good company. She enjoys going to rodeos and B’n’S balls but equally has fun going out in the city and then lying on the oval under the stars with friends afterwards. Her other pastimes include curling up in bed with trashy novels, watching movies that both nurture and insult her intellect,  ice-skating with friends and making fudge brownies.

Any opinions expressed on this page are her own, and do not represent those of her employer.

Contact Victoria here.


One Response to “About”

  1. Todd Says:

    Hey Victoria, how are you ?
    Just wanted to thank you for reviewing our ep and for your kind generous words. Just wanted to see what the best way to post cds to you are ? Do you have any of our other cds ? Just wanted to send you some of our other recordings to say thanks. If you had an opportunity to review anything that would be awesome but just wanted to send them through either way. Thanks again and hope this finds you well. Todd

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