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On love and poetry April 23, 2013

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I’m a little bit in love with this piece of spoken word by Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye. For those who haven’t across either of them before, here’s a quick rundown.

Sarah Kay is a 24-year-old Brown University graduate who has already made a significant impact on the world of spoken word.  She started performing at the Bowery Poetry Club in NYC at just 14. At 14, I wasn’t doing anything nearly as cool as that. Pretty sure I was in the midst of having the standard Year Nine dramas actually.  She has since performed at venues across the US and has also graced stages here in Australia and in the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, India, South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, France, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, and Singapore.

She is also the founder of Project V.O.I.C.E., the collaboration between herself and Phil Kaye, a fellow Brown alumni.

Phil Kaye is another spoken word poet and I must admit I’m not as familiar with his work. He has been travelling the world as a performer, writer, and teacher since first hitting the spoken word scene at 17. His debut poetry book, A Light Bulb Symphony, was published in 2011.  He has twice received America’s  National College Poetry Slam award for “Pushing the Art Forward”. He is the only person to have received this particular award twice.

Together, the two are incredible. But don’t take my word for it. Watch. Find out for yourself. Feel a little magic.